What do you know about 3D-Lashes?

I present to you the innovative, patented technique 3D-Lashes (USA).
What are differences of this technique from others?

First, only qualitatively new materials are applied. There are the 15 varieties of eyelashes. 3D-Lashes are made from special synthetic fibers – material identical to natural human hair. These lashes are flexible; they do not break down and have a beautiful natural bend. 3D-Lash technique uses colors, which includes 7 color options (black, dark brown, light brown, green, purple, blue and red).

A lash artist applies an innovative formula of glue (2 species), which is invisible, non-irritating and lasts 1.5 – 2 months!

Only qualified training lash technicians work with this technique, which gives customers confidence in the professional performance of the procedure and the qualitative result.
So, let’s see what the benefits of 3D-Lashes are:

lasting effect – preservation of a given size lashes up to 2 months;
3D-Lashes very light, soft, comfortable to wear and felt like natural eyelashes;
3D-Lashes resistant to sun, water, sweat and tears. With them you can shower, swim, sleep;
procedure 3D-Lashes a very comfortable and relaxing for you;
3D-Lashes make the eyes more expressive.
Let’s have a good look at 3D-Lashes in details.

The eyelash extension procedure by 3D-Lashes is an artificial eyelash is glued to the natural eyelashes with a special adhesive. The adhesive used to gluing 3D-Lashes is not applied to the skin and on the natural lashes. The glue is odorless and provides a strong gluing of eyelashes 3D-Lashes with natural lashes. Showing time is anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. After a while, you may get a touch up.
What are the features of 3D-Lashes?

3D-Lashes look absolutely natural; they are very light, soft and comfortable to wear. 3D-Lashes are resistant to sun, water, sweat and tears. You may take a shower, swim, and sleep with 3D-Lashes. The procedure itself is a very comfortable and relaxing for the client. 3D-Lashes extension procedure consists in that each artificial eyelash is glued individually to the natural lashes.
What do 3D-Lashes differ from conventional artificial eyelashes?
The main difference is a special formula of glue used for gluing eyelashes, type of eyelashes, appearance of eyelashes and showing time. 3D-Lashes look absolutely identical to natural human lashes. Each 3D-Lash is applied to natural lashes one by one. 3D-Lashes are very light; they do not cause discomfort the eyes and do not cause loss of natural lashes. The volume of eyelashes like Kim Kardashian lasts an average of 2 months.
Do 3D-Lashes damage your natural lashes?

Unlike traditional materials for eyelash extensions, eyelash glue and 3D-Lashes are absolutely harmless to natural ones.
How long do 3D-Lashes last?

Typically, the effect of the procedure is stored up to 2 months. Eyelashes 3D-Lashes hold up as long as do not grow natural eyelashes. Can I apply mascara to the eyelashes 3D-Lashes?

Typically, there is no need to put mascara on 3D-Lashes, as they look expressive and voluminous without it. However, for customers who still want to use the best mascara 2012, the manufacturers have developed a special mascara «3D More Gorgeous» for painting the tips of the lashes. This mascara is specially designed for 3D-Lashes. You must not use a conventional mascara and makeup remover!
How to remove 3D-Lashes?

There are special tools for removing 3D-Lashes. This tool is designed only for professional use, so if you want to get 3D-Lashes that only a lash artist must extend your lashes.
Do I have to take care of my eyelashes at home?

Specifically for home care of 3D-Lashes the manufacturers offer a product “C-2 Sealer». This means contains PTFE. It is recommended to put it on eyelashes anywhere 2-3 times a week to fix the result of the procedure and the protection of semi-permanent eyelashes from dirt and dust. In addition, the product gives lashes a more intense color.